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Moneydad - first family micro-network

First Family Micro-Network

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How does it work

How does it work

Basically, Moneydad is your family balance book, where you can create tasks for you kids, track their balances, record penalties for bad behaviour, etc. So, you do both - "carrot and stick". Sometimes parents forget about a "stick", but it's very important... We didn't mean actuall stick, of course :)

There are NO bank accounts or another financial information have to be associated with the app. Moneydad is just a notebook where you make notes about money you gave, subtracted or have to give to your kids.

Play with your kids in adult life

Play with your kids in adult life with
responsibilities and opportunities.

To get started:

  1. Download the Moneydad app and create an account for parents, e.g. you are "Moneydad".
  2. Ask your kids todownload the appand create accounts for kids, e.g. they are "Moneykids".
  3. Track kids' "transactions" and monitor their balances, create tasks.

If your kid doesn't have a device to install the Moneydad app, you can create an account for him/her with your device. For more details how to work with the app, please, read our quick tutorial.

So, let's imagine couple cases:

Dad: Hey, body! Take out the trash.

Kid: No, I won't. I'm busy.

Dad: I'll give you $2.

Kid: Ok, deal!

Kid: Done, where is my money?

Dad: Oh, sorry, I don't have cash right now.

Kid: But we had a deal!.

Dad: I'll withdraw some tomorrow.

Kid: Today is tomorrow, where is my money?

Dad: Oh, sorry, I forgot to withdraw them, I'll do tomorrow.

Kid: You keep saying it 5th tomorrow in a row!

Dad: Yea, hm... Sorry. Can you please take out the trash?

Kid: Are you kidding me?!!!

Or the other way

Dad: Stop playing video games and do your home work!

Kid: Ok, in a minute.

Dad: I asked you the same about two hours ago. And it's time to go to bed btw.

Kid: Ok, in a minute.

Dad: Hey, how was at school?

Kid: I got F for my test, sorry.

Dad: What?!!! You won't get your pocket money tomorrow! And stop playing this stupid video games!!!

Kid: Ok, in a minute.

Kid: I'm going to school, so, money, Dad!

Dad: I said, I won't give you any money until you fix your test.

Kid: But I need to buy some lunch!

Dad: Hm... That's true. Ok, but if you'll get one more F, I won't give you anymore.

Kid: Yea, sure ))

And one more case

Kid: Dad, can you buy me this video game?

Dad: Ok, let's check you balance...

And here where Moneydad comes.

Moneydad app - balance screen

Dad: Oh, sorry. Your balance is -$5, but you can earn some.

Kid: How?

Dad: I'll create few tasks in Moneydad.

Kid: But I want this video game right now.

Dad: Sorry, can't help you. The game is $20, but you have -$5. May be next time you will have a better balance. Everything depends on you.

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